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About us

The alphacoders team

We are alphacoders!

Our mission

In 2015, we began with the goal of broadcasting cool jobs in attractive companies to the “digital heroes” of today and tomorrow – that is, to people like you, with IT expertise, programming experience or web design skills. Since embarking on this task we have only become more determined! We achieve our goal by working across disciplines and in many languages (you can find out what that means here ).

Our claim

It only fits if it really fits. We only talk to you about jobs that interest you and find out together, in which areas you would like to develop yourself. We clarify all details pertaining to the jobs that we advertise with our partners and deliver all this information to you transparently. When both you and our partner company have a genuine mutual interest in working together, we are happy.

Our way

We have an extensive and intricate network of partners and are always on the look-out for more. As a result, we always have a full range of exciting jobs on offer and are confident that we have something for you too. If that something is missing, we will go the extra mile and keep our eyes and ears open for you and your individual aspirations.

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We speak many languages – yours too.

Our favourite is IT – it has helped us to grow. IT is a versatile language, which is constantly changing and has many dialects. To ensure that we are familiar with your technical background, we keep ourselves up to date by attending tech conferences and hosting meetups.

Our native language is HR. HR enables us to precisely understand your soft skills, your requirements and those of a partner business, and to send you jobs which are a perfect fit. Because we can appreciate both perspectives, we are happy to translate the language of HR for you as it is difficult to understand at times.

We want to get to know you and understand why you are passionate about Go, or why micro services are your holy grail. Whether you are a Java developer or Django enthusiast, .NET artist or Ruby athlete: we want to know what you like, what you can do and what is important to you in a new job. In so doing, together we will find the job that makes you happy and fills you with enthusiasm.

Features that characterise our collaboration with partners

  • 1

    Interviews solely with coders who are a good fit for the job and vice versa.

  • 2

    Contact with coders, who you would otherwise be unable to reach.

  • 3

    Transparent screening – we are fluent in HR and IT.

  • 4

    Massive network, which continues to grow through conferences and meetups.

  • 5

    70-stage, measurable, software-mapped process.

  • 6

    Constant overview through touchpoints and reporting.


Here are some statements from satisfied partners. We are happy to provide additional references and contact persons on request.

What our clients have to say


We have high standards for our work, but also for the jobs that we advertise. It is important that we believe in our partners and only inform you about jobs which we would be happy to recommend to a best friend.

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